September 19th and 20th 2013 at Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna, Goa


Technical Quiz




The quiz competition aims at challenging the minds of engineers..students will be questioned based on pure engineering knowledge.. This is a team event and each team must consist of 3 members..








Shalaka Shettigar (+91 9823196906)
Ishan Kamat (+91 7350021000)



Line Follower


You have just graduated from the Police Academy. There has been a recent surge in the crime rate around PCCE. People are disgusted with the lack of security. In order to pacify the locals the Superintendent of Police has to choose some policemen from the freshly graduated batch to patrol the area.
But from the batch, the Superintendent will only choose the best to patrol this area. He therefore comes up with a test to choose the best policemen.
The policemen who pass this test will have to patrol the area affected. And so that the Superintendent knows that every part of the area has been checked, you have to Flag every dead-end you encounter while patrolling the area.




 Entry fee: Rs 50/-



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Embedded C guide
Simple Line follower robot
PID based Line follower robot


Robo Kombat



Robowar is a sport which is quite similar to wrestling; only with robots. It is the war between two robots. Only difference is that the robots in robowar may use weapons such as axes, hammers, spinningweapons and flippers, just to name a few.
When Goa's deadliest bots take on one another in an ultimate battle all for the title of KING of the RING... Carnage, annihilation, burning rubber, fragments of metal flying... Destruction at its BEST, and Carnage at its MAX...
RoboKombat is all set to get BIGGER, BETTER and DEADLIER...Expect nothing less than the ultimate in Robo-Warfare, as elite teams from all over the state
go head to head with nothing more than awesome skill and the lethal combo of engineering and pure destructive intent put to an explosive mix. In an all new format, more than just sparks will fly on this arena... No Mercy...Last Bot Standing...a fight to the very end only two ways out... give up or get out…Come be a part of this full on fight to the bitter end... this struggle for power, supremacy, fame and obviously bragging rights...



Problem statement:
Each participating team must design a (manual controlled / autonomous) combat robotwith a sole mission of annihilating the opponent's robot.

Track Specifications:
The track will be made out of a plywood sheet mounted on a bridge prepared by using Iron/Wooden bars (columns). The track will be flat

  1. The robot specifications are as follow:
    • Length = 50cm max
    • Width = 50cm max
    • Height = 50 cm max
    • Weight max=25kg

  2. Motor used should not exceed 12v dc rating.

  3. A max of 24v between any 2 points on the robot can be used.

  4. Wire length should be 4mts preferred

  5. The participants along with their robot will be disqualified, if any damage to the arena is caused.

  6. Use of Fire, Projectiles, liquids is strictly prohibited.

  7. If any participant is using wireless remote control then mismatching of frequency with other remote control will not be the responsibility of the organizer.

  8. Readymade or ready to assemble robots are not allowed, however students can make use of parts or components such as readymade gears, pulleys, belts, etc.

  9. Judges and the organizers' decision will be final.

  10. First round:The first round of the competition will be knock out in which out of three only one will go to the secondround. No weapons should be used in the first round.

  11. Second round: "weapons willbe allowed in the second round".

  12. The number of bots competing at a time for the second round will be disclosed on the spot.

  13. Machines specifications: 1.Robotic vehicle dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 50cm max.

  14. Prototype of vehicle should be solely prepared by the participants however use of readymade wheels and geared motor is allowed.

  15. The machine must not be made from readymade kits like Lego or Meccano sets or any other kits available in the market.

  16. Parts such as Gears, pulleys and belts, springs, motors and servos, batteries and wheels and suspension assemblies can be used, directly purchased from the market.

  17. Note that the decision of the judges will be final and binding; any team found breaking the rules mentioned above, will be disqualified.

  18. Controls:
    • The vehicle may be controlled either by a wireless or by a wired Remote control.
  19. Power Supply:
    1. The machine can use an externally placed or on-board electric supply.
    2. Voltage at any point on the machine must be lower than 24V at any time during the game.
    3. AC Supply won't be provided.
  20. Pneumatics:
    • All gases in pneumatic systems must be inert or non-inflammable - e.g. air, carbon dioxide (CO2), argon (Ar), or nitrogen (N2).
    • Maximum allowed outlet nozzle pressure is 4 bar.
  21. Judging Criteria:
    • Criteria for judging the winner and score will be provided on the spot, such as penalties and bonus points.
    • The decisions of the judges will be final and binding.

  22. Team Specifications:
    • A Team may consist of a maximum of 5 members.
    • Entry fee: Rs 300/-
    • The students will have to carry a valid Identity Card of their respective institutions.




Somaksh: 7875881368
Sachin: 7276775225



Technical innovations



This event will showcase the amalgam of technical and marketing knowledge.
Technology and marketing go hand in hand and hence bring out the businessman in an engineer. To showcase your Business skills all you need to do is submit your paper presentations encapsulating all your features espacially your innovative add-on of your product and the top 10 teams will be invited to present the same.




  1. Winners prize Rs 5000/- and Certificate of merit
  2. Runners up Rs 3000/- and Certificate of merit
  3. Other participants get certificates




Filipe Abranches: 9765824257
Prudelle Fernandes: 8806911970






The Challenge: Build a catapult that can directly hit closest to a target with a rubber ball from distances of X,Y meters which uses only the allowed materials and meets all the rules.
The Contest: your team will design a catapult, and test it. On Launch Day, a target will be placed on ground at a distance of X,Y meters from your catapult. The winners will be the students who most consistently hit nearest the target. [Note: system may be changed for competition.]
There may be obstacles in other rounds.




  1. Allowed Materials: any materials except mouse or rat traps
  2. The base can have a maximum thickness of 2.5 cm. Maximum size of the catapult must be 30 cm x 30 cm x 30cm.
  3. Each teams should have 3 members.
  4. Each Group will be supplied with the projectile. The projectile will be a small rubber ball (ping pong ball).
  5. As you release the launch arm, you must not touch the projectile.
  6. You must not touch any part of your catapult while launching (except to pull back the arm).
  7. Catapults must be self-contained, i.e. not have any separate pieces. No part of the catapult may detach from the base/arm constructed device.
  8. No Sling shots! Your device must have a calibration component!
  9. The catapult must be able to project the projectile at a maximum distance of 300 cm.
  1. Safety Rules:

  2. Catapults may only be fired when given the "fire" command. Under no circumstances are catapults to be fired at another person! (Total disqualification)
  3. No part of the catapult may detach from the constructed device.
  1. Catapult Performance (80 Points)
  2. Each Shot is worth 20 points (3 shots)
  3. Markings on target board will decide points.
  4. If the ball never hits the target,no points will be awarded.
  5. 20 points for design

Entry Fee: Rs.100/-




Rishabh: 9545408696
Amit: 9158791652







Hacking - Building a fix for a real-world problem or putting together something that's never been done before. Teams have to code a program based on a theme provided on the day of the event. The event will span 2 days and will begin with an introduction to Python focused on hacking code together, followed by time to work on ideas before the 24-hour countdown begins.



1. Team size: Minimum 1 member, maximum 3 members
2. All work must be original, participants have to use Git to version their code in order to verify this. (Help on using Git will be provided)
3. There is no restriction on the platform/language/technologies that may be used. Participants will be responsible for acquiring rights to any proprietary software that they may use.
4. Presentations must adhere to the format and time limit specified on the day of the event.
5. Prizes:
    First - Rs. 5000
    Second - Rs. 3000



Ankit Jain: 9158002020