Hello, I'm Tanay PrabhuDesai

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I'm a Software Engineer based in Pune, India

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About me

I am passionate about software engineering from a very young age. It all started from age of 3 when I used to play games on a computer which was a DOS computer. I eventually got obssesed with becoming a software engineer. Around the age of 17 I got a chance to run my first "Hello World" program in C and then never stopped programming.

My blog, the place I call my public diary

18 Sep 2018
Scheme Crash Course
This blog explains Scheme which is a LISP in a single post and in a simplified way.
03 Jan 2018
SICP Challenge
Taking up the challenge of reading and solving the problems from the book SICP.
18 Jul 2016
At Nelkinda Coderetreat
A review and my feeling about a coding event called as Coderetreat which was held at Nelkinda Software Craft Pvt Ltd.
14 Jul 2016
Finally An Android App
An android app that I had written which acts like a SMS receiving and recording sever and acts as an SMS gateway.
27 Mar 2016
Hello World
My first post on this blog. It is called hello world because it the first thing when learning a programming language.
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Work Experience

e-Zest Solutions Ltd
Software Consultant

March 2018 to June 2018

Worked on helping one of the team with good practices and software development processes. Conducted trainings and helped the team with different issues they faced in delivery of requirements.

Technogise Software Solutions LLP
Software Developer

November 2017 to February 2018

Worked on a back end of e-Commerce logistic application. The tech stack consisted of PHP Laravel with Postgres for the backend and React with backbone for the front end. All this was run in a Docker environment and deployed to different servers using Kubernetes.

Red Panda Pvt Ltd
Software Engineer

September 2016 to October 2017

Worked on web applicaion consisting of supply chain and e-Commerse sales of which the tech stack consisted of Python Flask, Bootstrap jQuery for the admin dashboard. Also worked on a customer facing mobile app written in ClojureScript deployed using Cordova. And later worked on Native Android app written in Java. In this I was involved in pairing with freshers and training them in best practices like TDD and Clean Code.

Nelkinda Software Craft Pvt Ltd
Software Craftsman

October 2016 to Now

Worked with a lot of differernt organizations as a contractor throught Nelkinda and did software consultancy and training for the companies which needed it.

Nelkinda Software Craft Pvt Ltd

August 2016 to September 2016

Worked on scraping names of scientists from the web using Python scripts and learnt a lot of Make. Project worked on was http://baotd.com/ (Basass Of The Day)

Tata Consultancy Services

December 2013 to January 2014

Worked on profiling an embedded application written for Windows Embedded Standard 7 Technology used to develop was C# and profilers used were Red Gate ANTS and CLR

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