About me

Tanay in Snow

Hi, I’m Tanay Prabhu Desai, and I’m a software engineering consultant. I solve most programming problems using Python, but I’m open to almost any language. I love technology and programming and spend quite a bit of my free time doing that.

I have 5 years of experience building professional software. I have an intermediate level of experience. This is either true or I’m a victim of the imposter syndrome else I’m just procrastinating to update this. I have a huge inclination toward collaborative working and pair programming.

By reading these blogs you’ll get to know the different experiments that I do to improve my professional life as a Software Engineer. These are some lessons that I’ve learned from my colleagues both seniors and juniors as well as peers.

Most of my experience till today has been building software that follows good practices in terms of architecture, design, code, and tests. Apart from that, I have experience in programming amateur video games, playing around in my personal Arch Linux installation.

Being passionate from a very young age about technology I was always more of a tinkerer myself. Always had the grit to learn to program and to build and tinker with the software myself. This enabled me to accelerate my growth in the field of software.

Early in my career So I had the privilege to work with really talented and smart folks who were experts and evangelists in good software practices and agile. As a consultant, I’m focused on writing about how I apply those concepts and values in everyday software.

Enjoy reading my blog and feel free to like, comment and discuss on the posts.

Are you looking to hire me? Download this résumé it should be updated if I’m currently seeking a job