Hello World

Hello World! The title of this post in the honour of the first program that is written while learning programming. This is my first post on the blog, and hence I'm calling it Hello World! post. I'm mainly passionate about technology and coding is my passion. I'm right now a student studying M.Tech at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. The main reason of writing this blog is to share with the world what I think, and the new things that I learn. I also like learning about some cool science-related concepts esp. w.r.t. Physics. I'm also a noob Guitarist and a hobby swimmer. Other things that I like are eating and trying out different cuisines.

This blog will be dedicated to writing a lot of things, mainly about different things I learn while coding and some tips and techniques you won't easily find on the internet. I will also write about various experiences that I have while being here at Manipal, and also when I go to discover different and new places. There will be many articles that will be more like chain articles, which will be written in tutorial form which will tell how things are to be done (usually related to computer science). Another main reason behind writing this blog is to satisfy my thirst for writing. I'm not really great at writing, but I love to write a lot. And who says that you need really good grammar and vocabulary to write? I'll just write and put my own content here.

I won't go ahead boring you with my talk and go in for my next post about something that will be more interesting to read.