Posted in 2018

Scheme Crash Course

This crash course on Scheme that I’m writing is the kind of course that I would had liked before starting to read SICP. This crash course is geared towards people who are already familiar with some programming language and want to start with SICP but are not really comfortable Scheme or any LISP for that matter. All the Python code in this blog is Python 3 compatible and all the Scheme code is MIT-Scheme compatible.

Scheme Logo

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SICP Challenge

Almost over a year back I started reading the long-awaited book from my bucket list, “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”. When I was reading the book, quite a lot of the things in the book were already known to me and therefore it started to get boring. But then I searched on the internet why so many people read the book SICP. The problem was not the reason behind reading the book but the problem was the approach towards the book. The book is not designed to be just read as if it is a novel but you also need to solve the problems in the book. This made me go back to the book again.

SICP Wizard (cover page of the SICP book)

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